Active Club is the first Qatar Community Sports Loyalty Program that offers many benefits and valuable rewards when you shop online or instore at Sports Corner, Adidas, Rasen Sports and RKN.

Download Active Club Mobile App from App Store or Google Play, sign up using your mobile number which will be your account number, then fill in your personal information and you will be good to go.

The program is designed to reward members for their purchases from any of the participating brands/stores, where members can collect active points (AP), and after sufficient amount is collected (minimum 300 AP) they can redeem those points against future purchases.

Buy – Earn – Redeem

Earned points will have a validity of 1 year from the date of collection where members need to redeem those points before they expire.

A great mix of the top sports retailers in Qatar and one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world coming together under the umbrella of Active Club:

  • Sports Corner 
  • Adidas
  • Rasen Sports
  • RKN

Which includes 32 stores collectively and 3 online platforms.

With each purchase either in-store or online, you will collect points:

Instore – at the time of payment, open your Active Club Mobile App and present your virtual card to the cashier to scan, or just provide your registered mobile number, then make the payment and once the transaction is completed active points will instantly get uploaded into your account.

Online – active points can be collected by online registered members only where your online profile will automatically be connected to your active club account as long as the same mobile number has been used in both accounts. Active Points will be credited to your Active Club account 14 days after you receive your order.

The program consists of 3 different tiers, and you will be upgraded or downgraded according to your purchases value over 12 months period:

  • Active Go

This is the starting tier, where you will collect 1 active point for every QR 1 you spend.

  • Active Fit

This is the second tier, where you will collect 2 active points for every QR 1 you spend.

  • Active Pro

This is the third and top tier, where you will collect 3 active points for every QR 1 you spend.

In order to be able to redeem your active points, your profile information needs to be completed, then at any given time you need to have a minimum balance of 300 AP which is equal to QR 10, then you can redeem any number of points starting from 300 AP and above.

You need to follow these steps:

Instore – Check your active points balance on your Active Club Mobile App or ask the cashier, then specify the number of points you would like to redeem (full points or points + money) and the cashier will process the same.

Online – Login into your online account which has the same mobile number registered with Active Club, then under my account you will be able to see your active points balance. At the same time after you add the product(s) you would like to buy and reach the payment page you will find an option to redeem your active points “Redeem Points” where you will capture the number of points you would like to redeem, then click on the button “Redeem” and the redemption will be processed.

Once you download the Active point app, you will have a platform where you can view your profile details and edit them, also your account details including tier, balance, expiring points, and transactions’ history.

The points will be valid for 12 months starting from the collection date, and a reminder will be sent to members who have 300 AP and above 15 days before expiry.

No, you don’t need to have a physical card since Active Club Loyalty Program was designed to be a card-less program, you will have a virtual card available on your Active Club Mobile App.

We’re always happy to hear from our community. If you have any queries, complaints, or suggestions, you can request for a contact through Active Club Mobile App, or you can contact our member services center on our toll-free number 800 9009.